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Best Marine Solar Panels – Saving Money and Energy

The popularity of marine solar panels have soared as marine solar technology has progressed, and this is good news for consumers. Now, more people are taking advantage of the benefits and affordable costs of marine solar panel technology. There are now more options in terms of size and function than ever before. If you are in the market for solar energy panels, then you will want to consider a few important features before you purchase any marine solar panels. Once you understand these factors, you can select the best marine solar panel for your specific needs.


Shading is one of the most significant features to consider when purchasing marine solar panels. The size and number of shaded cells in the panel will determine its efficacy. Generally, the larger the size of the panel, the more effective the shading will be. For example, a two by three-foot panels with two hundred eighty cells would be greater than a one by two-foot panels with fifty cells. Remember that shading efficiency is directly proportional to the size of the panels. If you only want to shade a small area of your boat, then a smaller panel with fewer cells will be more effective.

Another important feature to consider is the thickness of the solar cells. Thin cells are less efficient because they must rely on the air to absorb the sun’s rays. Thinner cells are better for insulating against the cold and hot temperatures that commonly occur in the marine waters. However, if you are shading a much larger area of your boat or another vehicle, then you will probably benefit from a thicker panel. As a general rule, if you expect to shade at least two square feet of water, then you should invest in a marine solar panels type with three inches of cell depth.

Also, another thing to consider when buying marine solar panels is the effect that curved surfaces can have on the conversion efficiency of the cells. Since the cells are installed right above the water’s surface, it would be more difficult to obtain good angles if you plan to use rectangular or circular solar cells. However, curved surfaces can be addressed by using silicone sealant. Using silicone sealant will allow the solar cells to lay flat, thus improving their conversion efficiency. Also, this silicone will provide a smooth and non-abrasive surface which will make installing your marine solar panels much easier.

marine solar panels

Cost of Installation

A third consideration is the overall cost of the installation. This is especially important if you already acquired expensive marine electronics or other equipment that may increase the installation cost significantly. Unfortunately, most people don’t factor in the cost of shipping when they choose flexible solar panels. On the other hand, if you want to save money on solar power installation, then there are a couple of ways to do so. You can either save up for a longer installation period, or you can save up on the actual cost of buying the solar cells in the first place.

The best way to save up on buying materials is to choose flexible solar panels. These panels are specially designed to lay flat on any surface – including curved surfaces. As a result, they will provide you with excellent quality performance while maintaining their readability. It’s because of this that flexible solar panels will be able to meet your needs as far as marine solar panels are concerned while offering much better efficiency than rectangular solar cells. This means that you will be able to significantly lower the cost of your marine solar panels, while still maintaining excellent efficiency levels.

Flexible Panels

It’s also important to note that most flexible panels can’t withstand extreme temperatures. But with the introduction of new coatings, most flexible solar panels have been able to withstand temperatures as high as -400 degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, most flexible solar panels can produce five times more energy than standard cells while providing superior efficiency levels. As a result, it is now easy to find the best marine solar panels while still maintaining excellent power quality at all times.

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