A commercial scale PV solar system is a great way to power your business with renewable energy whilst delivering significant cost savings to your bottom line. A Hybrid Solar Energy Australia PV solar system also provides risk protection against future price rises within the electricity industry.

At Hybrid Solar Energy Australia we offer ‘turn-key’ commercial solar-system packages, designed specifically to reduce your expenses by supplementing your organisations electricity demand with free, renewable energy.

Our team of solar designers and consultants will tailor a package to meet your specific needs and provide you with a detailed quote and feasibility report summary. A qualified solar specialist will carry out a comprehensive site inspection of your property prior to quotation. The following details will be taken into consideration, in order to design the most efficient and effective PV solar system for your business:

Potential shading issues

Available roof/ground space

Optimal orientation and pitch

Roof/building materials and remaining roof-life analysis

Site specific construction and integration options

Existing electrical infrastructure

If you are considering solar power for your business, call the experts at Hybrid Solar Energy Australia for a professional consultation. We will design, install and integrate the right solar solution for you.

Mono Crystalline

These panels are a proven technology that has been in use for over 50 years. They have the highest efficiency of 12-15% in the real world, meaning that fewer panels are required to produce a given amount of energy. They are commonly used where space is limited, or where there are high costs associated with installing large panels. They have a very slow degradation, generally loosing 0.25 - 0.5% per year.

Poly Crystalline

These panels are similar to Mono Crystalline panels, but the silicon used is Multi-Crystalline which is easier to make. They are comparable to Mono Crystalline in performance and durability, except their efficiency is slightly lower, generally 11- 13%. Slightly more panels are required to produce a given amount of electricity.

Thin Film Or Amorphous

These panels have a lower efficiency of 5-6% so the panel is typically nearly double the size than the other panel varieties. Research is continuing to improve the performance of Thin Film or Amorphous panels and to refine the manufacturing process. The most common varieties of Thin Film or Amorphous panels are: 
» Cadmium Telluride Thin-Film panels (CdTe) 
» Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Thin-Film panels (CIGS)
» Amorphous silicon Thin-Film panels(a-Si).

Hybrid Solar Energy Australia is located in Adelaide, where our enthusiastic staff process and register credits derived from activities, which meet the requirements of Commonwealth and State Government energy efficiency and pollution reduction schemes.

As a registered agent we can assist you to obtain value for the RECS (Renewable Energy Certificates) that gets created as a result of your green source of electricity use through solar Panels installation, solar hot water system, heat pump and energy efficient globe.

Hybrid Solar Energy Australia have a talented team who have in-depth industry knowledge and expertise. We can help supporting your business and individual energy efficiency initiatives through the provision of assistance and advice.

Hybrid Solar Energy Australia is committed to offering a high level of services to all customers and ensures that any member of our team is visiting your premises behaves professional manner and is suitably qualified and trained to perform all relevant duties.

Benefits :

A solar system investment is a long term capital asset for your business which will reduce ongoing energy costs and increase the value of your commercial property. Below are some further benefits your business will realise through solar power.

Cost Savings:

As well as the substantial savings on the cost of electricity, your business can take advantage of taxation depreciation laws which may boost your ‘return on investment.

Social Responsibility:

Start building a ‘green’ identity or add power to your existing sustainability efforts by reducing your company’s Carbon footprint. A Hybrid Solar Energy Australia system can make a strong and positive statement about your company and values.

System Reliability:

Solar system components carry a 20 year manufacturer warranty as well as a 10 year Hybrid Solar Energy Australia workmanship warranty.


If you are considering solar power for your business, call the experts at Hybrid Solar Energy Australia for a professional consultation. We will design and integrate the right solar solution for your business.

Some types of organisations currently enjoying the benefits of solar power are:

Small & Large Businesses, Schools & Universities, Council and Government, Health Sector, Church & Religious organisations, Sporting Clubs, Commercial Farms, Leisure & Recreational Buildings, Aged Care facilities.

Solar Feasibility Hybrid Solar Energy Australia will work with you to analyse the financial effects of solar energy integration on your business. Through our usage assessment tools and ROI projections, Hybrid Solar Energy Australia can help you make sense of the solar process and its effect on your bottom line.

If you are considering a solar energy system for your business, contact the solar experts at Hybrid Solar Energy Australia to assess the feasibility of the commercial installation.

How it Works:

A commercial solar energy system is a great way to power your business with clean, renewable, cost stable electricity. The following diagram illustrates how commercial solar works:

  • Solar Array: UV rays hit the solar panels; the Monocrystalline cells convert the sun’s rays into DC electricity.
  • Inverter: The generated DC electricity travels to the inverter where it is converted to stable AC electricity that can be used by your business.
  • Power Board: Electricity from your inverter enters your power board where it is then routed to power your premises.
  • Utility Power Grid: Excess electricity produced by your solar system is metered and fed back into the power grid. You will be payed a ‘feed in tariff’ for any electricity which is exported.
  • Monitoring: Your solar system’s performance information is relayed from the inverter to a display screen with remote access via the internet. This feature is an optional add-on to the solar energy systems we provide.