How solar works

A Solar PV system works in the following steps:. 

The solar PV panels placed on roofs are made up of layers of semi-conducting material, usually silicon. When sunlight hits a solar PV module, it creates an electrical field across the layers, which then generates direct current (DC) electricity. The stronger the sunshine, the more electricity is produced.

The inverter then converts the DC power generated by the solar PV module into stable alternating current (AC) 240V electricity, to be used safely in homes.

The electricity smart meter measures the amount of electricity that is imported and exported into the grid. Unlike old meters, smart meter has a digital display screen and can record electricity that is fed back into the system.

The generated electricity can then be used safety in appliances around the home. The energy monitor can record and show how much electricity is being consumed in real time.

Extra Energy

Any extra energy that is generated from the solar PV module can then be exported back into the grid, and depending on the government regulations in different states in Australia, the extra electricity generated can be sold back into the grid to receive feed-in tariffs that will assist in lowering electricity bills.

Hybrid Solar Energy Australia:

At Hybrid Solar Energy Australia , we pride ourselves on recommending solar systems that are going to generate the most energy, therefore maximising the savings for home and business owners in electricity costs.

This is why we refuse to quote a job over the phone, insisting we come out to your home or business, for a free, no-obligation inspection. Because there are far too many factors that must be considered to make sure the system we quote is the right one for you. We also want to protect you from any hidden costs.

An on-site visit allows our staff to determine if your electricity switchboard meets current standards, ensuring you won’t be caught out by unexpected upgrade costs on the day your system is installed.

We provide cost effective Solar, to power their Homes:

What we see as an ongoing purpose is to open the doors of solar panel installation being a viable and cost-effective choice throughout Australia, from local schools to homes, communities to businesses. The competitive pricing that we can offer stems from good relationships with the leading suppliers in the industry.